Over the course of his career, Sam Barber has created unique landscape solutions for notable clients across the country. His evolving style has been much lauded for its innovation and individuality.

Barber designs are specific to the needs of the client and the intrinsic nature of the site. Barber gardens are always seamlessly integrated with the architecture. Every design has a balanced, precise and sculptural detail that never intrudes or strangles the natural beauty of the environment. A Barber design – whether it be expansive rural and coastal estates or inner city gardens and court yards – have this in common: proportion, detail and grace.

More recently, Barber’s projects have expanded to include the design and project management of houses, structures, sculptures and total site development.

Sam majored in Landscape Architecture at The University of Melbourne. In 1997 he received a Bachelor of Environmental Planning and Design. Immediately he started building his own designs. This hands on approach has given him an exceptional knowledge and understanding of all aspects of construction.

Today, Sam and his team provide a personalised service beginning with an initial site visit and formulation of a brief. The client is kept in close consultation through the schematic design, design development and tender drawing process. When necessary, Barber contracts engineers and other consultants and together they produce working drawings of the highest quality. The final design documents are then given to select contractors for costing.

Sam Barber manages select projects personally. He will assemble and oversee specific teams of the best tradesman and specialty crews. Many of whom he has established long serving relationships. Barber sources, selects and supplies the best available plant stock and materials from growers and suppliers across Australia, ensuring excellent standards.

Currently, Barber Design is located in Prahran, Victoria, where Sam and his team continue to service all manner of projects across the country.

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